Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Conference Gift Challenge

Oh to be a Conference organiser....or not.

We have provided a lot of conference gifts over the years, and have noticed Conference Organisers possess certain personality traits. We find them to be highly organised, with myopic attention to detail, and we suspect they require the negotiation skills of a politician. They need all those skills..and more! Clearly to co-ordinate the simple logistics of hundreds or even thousands of people, in a tight timetable of work scheduling plus meals and recreational options for the delegates, (and often their partners) is simply a minefield. Add into the mix that they are often are working for and  reporting to a committee, from which they need concise instructions and speedy decisions, and things get a whole lot harder. And that's all before they start needing to provide a high quality experience on a limited budget. I reckon they can keep their jobs, and I'll stick to mine! 

The most recent conference we provided conference gifts for, presented more than a few challenges. The conference was for a large number of professionals from around the world, meeting in Auckland. The committee had decided fairly late in the piece that as well as the usual Speaker's Gifts that they wished to give all the delegates gifts, and they wanted different gifts for men and women.

So we were faced with providing hundreds of  gifts within a matter of weeks. Its probably easy if you are happy to source from Asia, but that's not what we are about. So where do you find a large volume of quality 'his and hers' NZ made gifts suitable for high calibre professional recipients. And those gifts need to be top quality, small, light and not overly expensive.....

The manufacturing scene in NZ is not what it was, but we still have some fantastic suppliers, and we knew exactly who might be able to help.  While the time-
frame was extremely tight (and pretty stressful),  we knew we could depend on these guys to deliver. And they did.

The gifts were gorgeous. Custom made  little stylized Silver Fern cufflinks for the men, while the women received Sterling Silver earrings in the same stylized design, in little velvet boxes. By the time they were beautifully wrapped to reflect the colour theme of the conference, we were feeling pretty pleased with the result. More importantly our conference organiser clients were delighted, and they received fabulous feedback from the delegates about their beautiful little conference gifts.

A job well done.....but I  am still not swapping jobs with a Conference Organiser any day soon. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gorgeous Windermere 100% Mohair Throws

You may have seen the gorgeous Windermere 100% Mohair Throws on your Flybuys Catalogue or in upmarket designer stores. They are luxurious, and feel even more downy and soft than they look. They are simply the finest quality we have seen.
Windermere 100% Mohair Throw

The Windermere Mohair blankets are made the old fashioned way right here in New Zealand, meaning you get the softest and lightest 100% mohair thow blankets available. We have delighted customers around the world, who often comment that our throw blankets exceed their highest expectations.

There is nothing old fashioned about the colours. With a stunning colour range from gentle neutrals to bold and bright, we offer a hue to suit every room. If you are not sure of the exact shade, contact us, and we will send you a thread sample.

Mohair Knee Rugs
Available in two sizes, choose between a standard throw size (130cm x 185cm) or a smaller knee rug size (130cm x 100cm).

Neutral Mohair Throw blankets 

Blue Mohair Throws                                                                      

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Branded Business Gifts : Desk Gifts

Interesting and useful business gifts can be difficult to source. Add in the requirement to have them tastefully branded, and the task gets even harder, especially if you want to provide your recipients with something that is NZ made.

Our selection of NZ made wooden desk gifts ticks a lot of the boxes for a tasteful branded business gifts. One of the big upsides of a desk gift is that it sits in full view, carrying your brand or message day after day. Here are some of our favourites, which we have branded for our clients.

Take a look at our full selection of Desk and office gifts ,

Please note: The prices on our website are retail (including GST) per unit unbranded. Let us quote your quantity, and give a price for branded gifts.

Plain Paperclip holder in Rimu
Branded gifts for 'The James' Hotel

 These Magnetic paperclip holders, are practical and smart. They look fantastic branded, like these on the right that we provided for a couple of upmarket US Hotels.

Boxed Business Card Holder
 For something really small and light, yet smartly boxed, these business card holders are just the ticket. Complete with a paua inset (other designs are available including Kiwi) they are great for throwing into your suitcase. 
Branded with a School name plus web address                       

Rimu Bookmarks are great for mass gifts, here with a presentation envelope                        

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mohair Throw Blankets - The perfect NZ made Wedding Gift?

Luxurious Mohair Throw Blankets

It is always a thrill to receive a wedding invitation.

 And while the impending bride and groom plan, with fingers crossed  for a perfect day, the invited guests start to scratch their heads as to the perfect gift to mark the occasion. Gift registers are increasingly common, however it can be refreshing to give the newly-weds a gift that surprises them.

So what is the perfect Wedding gift? How about a gift from NZ that is completely luxurious yet practical, stylish and something they will keep for a lifetime? It is no surprise that Mohair throw blankets are our absolute top sellers for those wanting to give the perfect NZ made wedding gifts. Made from Mohair fibre, renown for its luxuriously soft yet warm qualities, these are as practical as they are chic. From checks or plaid mohair blanket designs,  40 dazzling  designer colours through to  standard single colour neutrals, there is something to suit all personalities, decors and budgets.  They are light (so great to send afar), silky and totally luxurious. Perfect for a bed throw, or casually draped over a sofa. 

Ivory - a popular neutral mohair throw colour

Plaid or Check Mohair Blanket

Designer Colours of Mohair throws

The neutral greys and white mohair throws  are hugely popular, reflecting not only the traditional wedding colours but, a great choice when you are unsure of the newlyweds colour scheme.

And we love some the sentiments expressed in the cards we are asked to write (for customers using our free gift wrapping and dispatch service) when giving mohair throws gifts. Comments include:
  • "Wrapping you in our love..."
  • "For a lifetime of snuggling together.. "
  • "May your lives be woven together for ever"
No wonder our Mohair Throw blankets are such popular NZ made Wedding Gifts. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The very best lightweight gifts to post faraway for Christmas 2013

Early December is the time to send  your 2013 Christmas gifts on their way to faraway places.

Here's a list of some  our best  NZ made gifts in-store, plus some old favourites, that are all lightweight, so you spend your money on the gift, not the postage. As always, we will wrap beautifully, hand-write in the card, and send them on their way.....and we knock the GST off if we post them overseas.

1. The Metal Bird Tree Art  Collection $69.00 are fantastic metal sculptures that bring native NZ birds to a tree near you, where-ever you live in the world.Available in Tui, Fantail and Woodpigeon

Fantail Tree Sculpture $69.00

2. A lovely set of Pewter Wine Charms, featuring a little slice of New Zealand. $25.00 for a set of 6.
Pewter NZ Wine Charms $25.00

3. Very Kiwi Christmas Tree Decorations, featuring a Paua Angel, a Pohutukawa Angel, and a Kowhai Angel $59.80
Kiwi Christmas Tree Decorations $59.80

4. Sterling Silver Earrings including the lovely Koru Etch, Puriri, and Kowhai all $75.00 per pair
Koru Etch Silver Earrings $75.00
Puriri Silver Earrings $75.00

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We have gone to the Birds...

There's a new flock in town

Tui Sculpture

Just flown in, native NZ bird sculptures (A4 size) ready to sit on a branch near by.

They're designed with love and  laser cut from steel. Simply hammer the spike into a branch or timber, and there you have a little piece of the NZ bush, designed to  become part of nature as it turns a deep rust brown. Choose between a cheeky fantail, Tui,  the Kereru/Woodpigeon,  or make up your own flock.

They are light to send, lovely to look at and bring native birds to the back-yard where ever you live in the world.

Woodpigeon sculpture  in natural rust brown
Fantail sculpture

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Get Fresh with Al Brown

Labour weekend in New Zealand is often a time when people take advantage of a long weekend to go on a road trip trip to visit friends or family. With Labour Weekend fast approaching, this is the book to read.

Get Fresh with Al Brown

The Book 'Get Fresh by Al Brown' is essentially a foodie road trip by celebrated New Zealand chef  Al Brown. Subtitled 'Stories and Recipes from Heartland New Zealand'.

One man, a ute and a frypan head off into the coutryside. From the Far North to Riverton in the deep South, he explores farmers' markets, and meets the growers and foodie artisans from around New Zealand on their home patch. This is the ultimate foodie road trip around New Zealand, and the book wouldn't be complete without a liberal selection of recipes that highlight the the great foods of each region. Gorgeous creations by a master chef, beautifully photographed that make you want to stop the car and start cooking.

Each region featured has a list of  great places to visit (that aren't food related) and features a song by a local artist. Slipped into the back of the book you will find a free CD with Al's Road Trip mix, so you can cruise along or cook to the sound of Fat Freddies Drop and more.

And from another legendary NZ restauranteur, Fleur Sullivan:

                   ' Get Fresh ' is like a 'lonely planet' guide for us to explore, taste and enjoy the culinary     trails of Aotearoa. Out in the provinces we will be welcoming these happy foodies clutching your inspirational book - nau mai, haere mai. Thank you, Al!

We are currently running a Facebook competition where you can win a copy of the book, or purchase one from our website www.newzealandshowcase.com

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Maori Boy Glassware

Maori Boy glass pieces are some of our favourite NZ made gifts. We love the bold use of colour, the beautiful designs, and the fabulous quality of the products. Each year we look forward to see the new fresh designs that Monty and the Maori Boy team have transformed into their lovely art glass. The designs are modern    interpretations of classic Maori designs and themes, and each platter has a 'story' on the back explaining the significance of the design.

Here are some of our favourite pieces, new and old. Remember, we may not show all product shapes (e.g. platters, bowls, clocks, coasters etc), in all the designs and all the colours on our website, but just ask - we can easily source the piece you would like. 
Kawakawa (a medicinal shrub) shown in the lovely white and soft aqua bubbles.

Kowhaiwhai (the painted scroll design often seen on Maori meeting houses), here in Burnt Red & Slate. Also available in Teal & Black

Red 'Awa' (river) and Teal & Black Tawhirimatea (the weather God)

Square platters including Ta Moko (facial tattoo) in green & white (also available in black and driftwood)

Tangaroa (Sea God) in Red & Black (also available in Green & Black)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Maori Carvings - Meanings of the popular designs

Greenstone carvings are unique and special New Zealand gifts. The traditional Maori designs are not just lovely to look at, but carry special significance and meaning. We thank the Auckland museum for providing these interpretations of the more popular designs.

Hei Matau - Fish Hook
Fish Hooks symbolize determination, strength, provision and safe travel over water. The wearer provides friendship, support in time of need and love. As a result prosperity ensues.
Hei Matau pendant

Koru - The Unfolding Fern Frond
The Koru is a symbol of new growth, new beginnings, new life, peace and tranquility. New growth and new life reflect the life cycle, and peace and tranquility.
Koru Pendant

Toki - Adze
The toki symbolizes strength and courage. It was originally used as a carving tool, and is now considered taonga, a treasure that is handed down through the family.
Toki Pendant

Manaia -  The Guardian Spirit
The Manaia is a spiritual guardian and the carrier of supernatural powers. Traditionally depicted with the head of a bird, the body of a man, and the tail of a fish, Te Manaia represents the sky, earth, and sea, and the balance between them.

Hei Tiki
The Hey Tiki is the Maori representation of the human form as a pendant. Hei meaning neck ornament and Tiki meaning human. The wearer of the Hei Tiki is assumed to be clear thinking, perceptive loyal and knowledgeable.
Framed Hei Tiki

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The New Zealand Turkish Delight

Now we reckon this would have to be world first. Feijoa Turkish Delight hand made in Wellington. What a treat for sweet lovers worldwide!

Loukoumi of Wellington are true  foodie artisans, whipping up hand crafted Turkish Delight in the traditional way, and wouldn't dream of using preservatives or gelatine. The results are divine, sweet sweet morsels delicately flavoured using only natural flavours.
 NZ Turkish Delight

New Zealanders get a little nostalgic about Feijoa. Its amazing how that distinctively flavoured green gem, available only a few weeks of the year,  seems to take us back in time to the days when everybody had a tree in their backyard.

When you see the stunning packaging, I think you will agree that the  humble Feijoa has had a style make-over to match up with the soft meltingly delicious Turkish Delight inside. This is a truly winning combination and a very NZ Turkish Delight!