Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vivid Acrylic Photo Blocks

It is true, a picture tells 1000 words, and do the pictures get any more gorgeous than these......

Introducing professional photos mounted on the back of crystal clear acrylic photo blocks. The resulting images have a magical 3D appearance, and look equally at home on the wall or free-standing on a table, windowsill or desk.

I love the way you portray NZ in which ever manner you wish, from the moody sepia images to iconic beach scenes or vivid greenstone images. There are 100's more images we could have selected, and we will be adding more. So please let us know if there is a special place you would like to see and we will try to include it.

For stunning NZ gifts, including a selection of Auckland gifts, have a look at this great little gallery of photo blocks:

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