Thursday, June 10, 2010

How is a possum like a polar bear?

So how is a native Australian marsupial like an icy dwelling polar bear?

The answer doesn’t lie in that bizarre TV series “Lost” where Polar bears roam tropical islands, but with their remarkable fur.

Both possess fur with hollow fibre, a characteristic shared only by these two animals. The fur gives fantastic insulation for superlative warmth, dries quickly, and does not freeze. Pure possum fur is also scale free (so not itchy to wear), and when compared with wool it is both lighter and warmer to wear, plus amazingly silky soft.

So it is no wonder that opossum fur when combined with wool, silk and nylon creates a truly luxurious and technically superior yarn. The yarn is used in the same way as traditional wool yarn to create socks, hats and gloves etc. But these garments have an amazing downy softness to them.

Although the opossums originated from Australia, New Zealand is the only country in the world where the possum has become a devastating pest, and a possum ‘eco-fur’ industry has developed. The 'possum' products have created a truly unique niche market.

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