Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Furry fluffy feet for Fathers and more.........

Worlds Best Dartboard
"No Nukes" Cuff links
Framed 'Heritage' Hand tied Fishing Flies
Wooden 'Caravan' Photo Album
Cowhide Slippers
Leather  & Oilskin Toiletry Bag

Fathers Day is looming this coming Sunday. If your 'Old Man' is expecting a gift, we have plenty of ideas, and it is not too late for us to gift wrap and get them to his door-step.

All these gifts and many more are on the For Him section of our website.
In our house gifts were not mandatory, just a well worded card and big hug was all that was expected.

Just don't forget the Old fulla on his special day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Made in New Zealand.......yeah right!

It is time for me to get on my hobby horse, as I do around this time every year

The usual trigger is the New Zealand Gift Fair, which is a trade event, at which retailers purchase the products that will end up on the shelves of their shops. It is a huge event; imagine a large conference venue filled with gorgeous gift ideas.

Since our focus is New Zealand made gifts, at the fair, we look for the manufacturers who supply only gifts genuinely made here in NZ, which is very small minority of what is on offer.

Each year I come away sorely disappointed, not at the great NZ made gifts we do find, but at the sheer quantity of items that purport to be made in NZ, but are not.

The usual response to my question "Is this made in NZ?" is "no, but it is designed here".  Invariably the items in question are made in Asia, but marketed and presented in such a way that one would think they are locally made. I especially dislike the identical replicas of items which local craftsmen have created, that someone else has had mass produced  overseas far more cheaply, without using any local labour. And the deception can be so good, that even we have been fooled into purchasing items which I thought were locally made, but were not. (At least in that case, they were made from a locally sourced item, so there is a NZ labour component to the final product).

So I was delighted to see that the Commerce Commission has recently been successful in prosecuting a Christchurch company "Prokiwi" which the judge described as blatant, even cynical, with product packaging that was deliberately deceptive.

As Graham Gill of the Commerce Commission points out, 'it is not just words that can be misleading', symbols on packaging such as 'kiwis, flags or other iconic national emblems' can also give misleading impressions.

So when you are looking at Kiwiana, remember to check out the source. "Designed in NZ" does not mean "Made in NZ".

By the way, all the items shown above are made right here in NZ, and can be found on our website:
Cast Glass Silver Fern
Kiwiana Red Tiki Cuff links
Retro Kiwiana Tea towels

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Access Logistics scam

 This email turned up today....sounds plausible  but it is a $1500.00 scam.  Would you have fallen for it? Let me know your thoughts....

PS  - At least they had good taste in the products they chose!!

Auckland Rangitoto Photo Block 

Hello Cathy Knight,
Good to read back from you and am sorry for late in reply.I felt comfortable to email you my order this way rather than to fill it on your site,so below are the items I want to order:

Photo Gift Auckland Rangitoto Acrylic Block

12 pieces in quantity

Photo Gift Auckland Cow Acrylic Block
12 pieces in quantity

Photo Gifts Wellington Acrylic Blocks
12 pieces in quantity

Photo Gift Wellington Nikau Acrylic Block
12 pieces in quantity

Photo gifts NZ Glenorchy Acrylic Photo
12 pieces in quantity

Here is my shipping address:-
H-1055 Budapest, Kossuth tér 1-3
Hungary Europe

Concerning the shipment,they are likes of UPS,FEDEX and POST OFFICE always don't take care of the charges down here. Charges like handling, customs duties,tax etc. I have experienced such situation before and I don't want to be the victims of such a thing again. I will be glad if you contact this freight forwarder ACCESS LOGISTICS LTD for shipping quote.The shipping company will arrange the pick-up of my order from your store,so you don't have any stress to face in shipping processing at all.Here is their email address (infoaccesslogistics@in.com ) ,Not that I can't deal with the shipper directly,but they always prefer to deal with the store where they will be doing the pick up in other to reduce the customs duties and other charges.They have a way of preparing their shipment documents whereby the custom duties payment on this goods will be reduced and if I wanted to pay for the custom duties and other charges, at times it is 50% of the whole package amount.I do trust ACCESS LOGISTICS LTD,if not I wouldn't have recommend them for my shipment.They are very reliable and fast.They will take care of everything including Handling,Customs duties,Tax, Insurance etc.Contact them to obtain a quote and get back to me in the format bellow:


Once I have these details from you, I will get back to you with my payment details,so you can charge and make the necessary shipping arrangements.


NOTE:The freight company will need these 5 information to get you a quote,so provide them with the details bellow:

1)My Customer's ID # : DFL7241639A

2)Pick Up Full Address : PROVIDE YOUR ADDRESS

3)Delivery Full Address:

4)Weight Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER WEIGHT

5)Momentary Value Of The Consignment : PROVIDE ORDER TOTAL COST

Monday, August 2, 2010

The A-Z of NZ Travel gifts and Kiwiana Souvenirs

Here 's a quick A-Z list of gift ideas for NZ Travel gifts, for both personal and business travel.  Perfect for when you need to slip a few gifts into your suitcase or send a little touch of Kiwi abroad.  Kiwiana Souvenirs that a small and easy to transport.

Acrylic photo blocks with vivid images of NZ
Bennetts of Mangawhai Award winning Chocolate selections
Coasters in  Glass, Cork, Acrylic, Modern, Traditional, however you like them
Delicate handcrafted dipping bowls each in a stylish black box
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - A world beating oil,  beautifully boxed gift for the gourmet
Folding Travel Bag to take your gifts, and bring home new treasures
Golf gloves, uniquely made from possum skin for better grip and a better game
Hairy Mclairy books are a very NZ gift to take  for children
Individual little boxed touchstone tiles for wall, desk or coffee table
Jewellery: Earrings, cuff links or necklaces handcrafted from greenstone, paua or silver
Kauri made into  little boxes,  business card holders or chopsticks
Landscape of NZ Wine, a beautiful book showcasing NZ by wine region
Manuka Honey, in a gorgeous gift pack
North and South Cuff links, one island on each wrist
Opossum socks - world famous in New Zealand, for the warmest toes
Platters from slumped glass, featuring Modern Maori designs
Quirky wooden fronted photo albums; the perfect place to preserve those holiday memories
Rimu coasters with paua inlay
Silver Fern designs in a cast glass ornament or maybe a brooch
Tea Towels with retro Kiwiana designs
USB memory sticks with modern NZ designs
Velvet and Merino scarf, as used by a previous Governor General for her gifts
Wall Hung Decorative tiles, small design treasures in woven flax boxes
Xmas gifts featuring our cherished Pohutukawa tree on tiles, tea towels & photo blocks
Your place,  find something locally made
Zip around travel wallet, a gift for you to keep all your documents safe