Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A fishy Tale

For some people, the best thing about fishing has nothing to do with eating fish. It might be the thrill of the catch, a day out on the water, a day away from work, or just sharing a few fishing yarns.

And we are pretty spoilt here in NZ with gorgeous clean oceans and some of the best fly fishing rivers in the world. For those who love to fish, we have some fantastic gifts. I love the wooden fly fishing net, with three NZ woods curved into a lovely net, and unbelievably  light. NZ Wood Fly fishing landing net

Of when you can't be on the river, you can read about 23 reknown NZ Fly fishing rivers, with a few tips from the experts thrown in. Classic Fly Fishing in NZ book

And like something from the wall of a fishing lodge, how about the  framed heritage collection of classic flies

Those who love ocean fishing will think the "O-fish-al" bait board, (which shows legal lengths for king-fish, snapper, gurnard, scallops etc) is a handy gift.  Bait Board with legal lengths

Now all you need is someone to catch some fish!

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