Monday, October 4, 2010

Strahl 'Glassware' vs Richard Hammond and his hammer

We always knew that the Strahl 'Glassware' was pretty impressive.  It looks and feels so glass-like, and is promoted as virtually unbreakable, but  even we have been amazed but this latest show of strength.

Richard Hammond, on his UK programme, is determined to prove that despite the crockery claiming to be virtually unbreakable, that he could break it. Despite trying his very hardest (hammer, drill, throwing, stamping etc), the glasses and plates won.  His conclusion was a plea:  "Break! You are making me look stupid"

This stuff is rugged, see for yourself: 
Strahl 'Glassware' vs Richard Hammond's hammer

The range includes the hugely popular wine glasses (including stemless wine glasses) tumblers, jugs/pitchers, serving bowls and platters etc.

Strahl is made in New Zealand, (we ship Strahl Australia, US or where-ever you require us to). Please look on our website (  Wine GlassesTumblers )  for  individual product details, or contact us if you would like something in the large range is not shown there.

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  1. I've seen similar antique tumbler glasses from Steuben crystal glass. Both companies have beautiful work!


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