Monday, November 15, 2010

Choosing Business Gifts for Russia

So you are planning a business trip to Russia....what do you need to pack?

Right up there at the top of the list should be business gifts. Russians spend a lot on gifts, and like to give and receive gifts. So you will need to take a collection of gifts. Obviously there will be business gifts for key contacts, but it can be it difficult to do business  in Russia without help from the locals, so you should take gifts for others who have helped, for example your car driver, interpreter etc. And not forgetting gifts which would be suitable if you are invited to someone's home for a meal.

Quality Hand Made Chocolates
What sort of gifts are suitable? For a start, remember that the Russians are generous with gifts, so do not take small gifts like pens or pencils unless they are expensive. Try to avoid taking Vodka (even though we have fantastic NZ Vodka). Quality office gifts may be suitable, for example hand blown glass. Remember the attention to detail, so quality wrapping is important for expensive gifts.

If you are invited to someones home, you can take flowers (but ensure there is a 'odd' number of flowers, as 'even' numbers are used for funerals), and quality NZ Chocolates, or expensive wine would be appreciated. It is especially thoughful to have small gifts for any children too (but do not take baby gifts for pregnant women as this is considered bad luck).

We are happy to help if you need some advice on your choice of business gifts for Russia.

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