Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NZ Post Deadline: Gifts for UK, Gifts for United States, Gifts for afar

NZ Post Deadline : Monday 29th November
If you need to send gifts to UK, gifts to United States or gifts to anywhere afar you need to keep an eye on the calendar. For these destinations, the recommended  NZ Post date to send Christmas gifts is Monday 29th November (via Airmail, which is the service we use). This applies to everywhere except Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Keeping the Cost down: Top 10 Lightweight Gifts
The best way to keep the cost down, is to keep the the weight of the gift down. So below are our top picks for lightweight gifts to post, so you spend your money on the gift not the postage:

Jo Luping handcrafted Dipping Bowls  
1. Jo Luping handcrafted Dipping Bowls
2. Stylish Acrylic Coasters
3. Clip Photo Holder
4. NZ Calendar eg Mountain Biking or Art
5. Kauri Chopsticks on handmade rest
6. Possum Socks (with free treat)
7. Leather Golf Glove
8. Leather Wallet
9. Little Rimu Bedside Clock
10. Jewellery - (Cufflinks, brooches, Pounamu)

Acrylic Pohutukawa Coasters

Clip Photo Holder    

And remember, we do all the fiddly bits! We will gift wrap for free,

write in the card for you, find a box, pack it up and post it. Easy!!

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