Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Dutch Auction..prices have hit rock bottom

Here's a bit of fun for the silly season....we are having a 'Dutch' auction.

Each of the products below will drop in price daily by either $5.00 or $10.00, until December 20th.

But stock is limited (in some cases there are only one or two of each item, so wait and watch, but not for too long, as someone else may grab the bargain before you do. We will be adding a few products in as we go along.

Check back each day to see where the prices have dropped to, and pounce when you are are ready.

Puma - World's best dart board

Was $135.00 now $105.00

The award winning Michael King Book

Was $67.00 now $37.00

Charcoal   Babu Merino Baby blanket

Was $155.00 now $95.00 (Charcoal only)

Fabric Painting Kit for creative kids & teens

Was $35.60 now $10.60

The Great NZ Songbook (2 CD set & book)

Was $101.00, now $71.00

Framed Heritage style Trout Flies

Was $160.00 now $100.00

But wait ...there are more! :

Summery Baby Clothes Gift Set    Was $70.00 now $40.00

Photo Album   Was $90.00 now $60.00

Bring on the BBQ Gift Set      Was $105.00 now $45.00

Beautifully Boxed hand pamper set  Was $40.00 now $15.00

Hip Flask - Plum colour only

 Was $106.00 now $66.00

Sophistocated Guest Hand Towel

 Was $25.00 now $10.00

And we will be adding in a few more, so check back regularly

Good Luck!!

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