Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pohutukawa: NZ Gifts from The New Zealand Christmas Tree

A pohutukawa gift tree
Acrylic Photo Blocks for wall or table

Pohutukawa Honey

Pohutukawa Wall Tiles
Pohutukawa Glass Coasters

Styalised Pohutukawa Flower Coasters

I love the time of the year when the pohutukawa trees blossom. From the silvery bud, comes the most gorgeous red blossom, which fall to make a red carpet on the sand or ground beneath. Often called the 'New Zealand Christmas Tree', even though the flowers are often finished by Christmas, they are magnificent trees.

And somehow they have earned a special place in the Kiwi hearts. Maybe memories of those beach side picnics on hot summer days, when several families can easily share the shade of one large tree. 

It is no wonder that these special trees have generated their own little genre of 'Pohutukawa' themed New Zealand gifts, especially appropriate at this time of year. There are a few above, but just search 'pohutukawa' on our site to find them, or click here.

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