Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Folding Travel Bag

A folding travel bag has to be one of the most useful travel accessories for a travelling shopaholic.

This oilskin and leather bag is one of our most popular NZ made products. It starts off  deceptively small bag, and unfolds into a weekender size bag, perfect for overflow luggage. It is rugged enough to be used as a piece of luggage. Made from oilskin with leather trim, it has a masculine appeal, (although we sell many to women too).

Folding Travel Bag
The 'Travel Gadget' column of the NZ Herald had this to say about it : "It's the traveller's curse to be constantly falling over exciting purchases that you know will never fit into the already bulging suitcase. However, help is at hand"..."the bag folds up into a compact handbag size which is easily carried or packed. When opened its dimensions are a whopping 53x29x23cms...The oilskin gives it a tough, outdoorsy look"

For the complete gift set, consider teaming it up with a matching mens toiletry bag.

Oilskin & Leather Toiletry Bag

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feather weight gifts to send to faraway friends

This time of year the wallet starts to take a hammering. Here is our pick of some of the new and lovely gifts, along with some old favourites, which will not cost an arm and a leg to post. So you get to spend your money on the gift and not the postage.

Don't forget, we will gift wrap beautifully, and hand write a greeting card for no extra cost, so you can get the whole job done with a few clicks of your mouse.

Delightful 'Fairy on Kina' Trinket Box
Elegant NZ greenstone drop earrings
Award winning Bennetts of Mangawhai chocolates
Quirky NZ candles in tins
Craig Potton CD Size desk Calendars
Hand Woven Flax Fibre Kiwi
Oilskin & Leather Toiletry bag
Cowhide & Lambswool Slippers
Cute little wooden boxes
Set of Paua magnets
Keyring - just in case they forgot who won!
Light & Beautifully boxed coasters
Set of 3 Pohutukawa tiles in woven box     

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doing Santa's work

Unless you are aged under 10, no-one really wants to know how many sleeps there are until Christmas. All us adults want to know is come Christmas morning, is that we haven't forgotten anyone, and the gifts have been received.

New Zealand Post wants to make sure your gifts arrive in plenty of time and has published the following lists of dates:

                                                                           FOR CHRISTMAS 2011
                                                    Australia          South Pacific, East Asia      Rest of World
                                                                                North America, UK

International Economy           Fri 2 Dec                 Fri 25 Nov                          Mon 21 Nov
Air International                      Fri 9 Dec                Fri 2 Dec                             Mon 28 Nov
Economy Courier                   Wed 14 Dec            Fri 9 Dec                             N/A
Express Courier                      Fri 16 Dec               Wed 14 Dec                       Mon 12 Dec

We use Air International. And remember when purchasing our NZ gifts online anything we send overseas for you will be exempt of GST, so you get to save the GST.

Santa will be pleased!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

These make me smile just looking at them...

Candles in tins
These little NZ candles in tins are just gorgeous.

Fun quirky illustrations by Timo Rinnali means the tins will be kept long after the Pohutukawa fragrance has gone.

The range includes all our favourite places (Mt Maunganui, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & Milford Sound) plus our other great love Rugby, and of course the patriotic flag and anthem design.

We think a few of these will be winging themselves around the world as cheerful little New Zealand Souvenirs.

Friday, November 4, 2011

New Daily deals on NZ gifts online

NZ nature wall art tiles
With the silly season fast aproaching, we have brought back daily deals on our gorgeous New Zealand gifts. Every single day in November we will have a product on a fantastic deal. But each deal lasts for one day only, or until stock is sold out. Today we have 33% off these fantasic wall art tiles. 

In the last few days we have had half price deals on other terrific products as below. You will need to check our homepage or facebook page daily to keep up with the play. And remember, when you buy NZ gifts online and ask us to deliver them overseas, you will save yourself the GST too.
Paua Magnets

Coast Outdoor Weekender Bag

Cheese Board inlaid with paua & Cheese knife

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rugby Art and Auckland Art by Rowan Forbes

Our 'Pop-up' store is full of some gorgeous pieces of art. Included is a selection of Rugby Art by Auckland artist, print maker and sculptor Rowan Forbes. His original art includes a piece names 'Haka' (no prizes for guessing the subject of that one), but he has captured the energy of that time honoured tradition. The fiercely contested matches between Australia and New Zealand teams are depicted in a larger piece, 'Try Time'.
European rugby fans will love the smaller painting in our window called 'England vs Italy'. These are one off original paintings, available for just a few weeks via our pop-up store, and would make a truly special reminder of time spent in Auckland during the Rugby World Cup.

Rowan's bold use of colour has also been put to superb effect in his prints  which show 'Auckland - City of Sails' in full colour regatta. His depiction of New Zealand crams all the memories of a trip around NZ into one colourful poster, and is a fantastic momento for any child's bedroom.

You will find our mini rugby art gallery at 2 Queen St,  (between the Britomart Train Station and the RWC Fan Base until October 23rd. After that we are back to  our online home base,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We have "popped up"

Art Glass Platter, wall tiles and a bronze creepy crawly

Our all time favourite possum and merino wool scarf

We have popped up! Yes we have temporarily  joined the real world of bricks and motar retail. If you are not familiar with the term 'pop-up' shop, it is one of the latest retail trends, where a vacant retail space temporarily becomes a shop. So here we are "popped-up" in a great space in down town Auckland.

Gorgeous platters, and designer Kiwiana tea towels
With a speedy paint job of the walls, and a fast and furious set up, it is a wonderful opportunity to view our beautiful NZ made products in the gallery-like setting they deserve.
Gourmet NZ made products

With the main fan base of the Rugby World Cup just a hop, skip and jump from our door, we are enjoying the buskers, and being a part of all the energy this world class event brings to Auckland. And of course the visitors from around the world are enjoying our terrific New Zealand souvenirs.
Set of three dipping bowls

So if you are in Auckland, you will find us between the Britomart train station and the Cloud Fan Base, but not for long. After that, like any great event , we will just be left with our memories, and the photos. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

C'mon Kiwi - Buying NZ made Products

You may have noticed the cute Kiwi used as an emblem by the 'Buy New Zealand Made' organisation.

It is used to identify the origin of the product as NZ, and encourages customers to buy NZ made products. Have you ever wondered about the history of using  this fluffy flightless bird as a emblem to represent New Zealand? Here are some fabulous Kiwi facts, taken from a brochure published by the 'Buy NZ Made' organisation.

  • The Kiwi as an emblem was used in military badges back in 1886
  • Kiwi Shoe Polish was launched in 1906 in Melbourne (yes in Australia) by man with a NZ wife
  • During WW1 New Zealanders carved a giant Kiwi into the hill in England
  • The word Kiwi can refer to our currency, to a furry brown bird, a furry brown fruit, and to New Zealanders
  • The nostrils of a Kiwi (bird) are at the far end of it's beak 

The Buy New Zealand Made campaign has been using the Kiwi as an emblem since 1988, and it has come to represent quality NZ made products. Look out for it when you shop.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Appropriate New Zealand gifts for business trips to India

So you are ready to embark on a business trip to India, and wish to take some New Zealand Gifts. You need to stop for a moment to consider business gift giving and the appropriate protocol. As with many countries, in India it is easy to unwittingly offend with your choice of corporate gifts or New Zealand souvenirs, so here are our best tips and suggestions.

Wrapping is significant as certain colours could cause offence

Is a gift necessary?
Gifts are not normally expected at a first meeting, but as the relationship develops it is definitely a good idea. Your gift will be appreciated as a sign of friendship. However as your business contact is likely to reciprocate, make sure your gifts are tasteful but not overly expensive, which could cause some embarrassment. 
If you are invited to someone's home you should definitely take a small gift such as sweets, and you will be popular if you take some specifically for any children.

What gifts are appropriate? 
Glass and Paua Coasters

Glass decorative ferns

Small hardback pictorial books
Choose gifts that a relatively modest. Make sure that your New Zealand gifts are actually made locally (as much of what appears to be 'Kiwiana' is not made in New Zealand). Gifts which convey New Zealands cultural identity and uniqueness will be appreciated, as will gifts made of NZ natural products.

What gifts should be avoided?
Do not give any leather, which can cause offence. Many Indians do not drink, so do not give alcohol unless you are sure that your recipient does enjoy alcohol. Muslims would not appreciate a gift depicting people naked or semi-naked, or depicting  a dog, so any gifts featuring these should be avoided. Jewellery is considered a more personal gift, so it is not appropriate for a man to give to a woman, in the business context.
It is also important that gifts are wrapped in suitable colours, which we can assist with.

Gift giving protocol is different, and you may find the recipient does not open the gift in your presence. 

A little effort selecting prior to your trip can help build relationships and build business. We are happy to advise of suitable gifts, wrap them appropriately and pack them for your travels. (Contact us for more information on Business Gifts for India Corporate Gifts).

Friday, June 10, 2011

The product I am most in love with...

We see a fair few gorgeous NZ made products passing in front of our noses. But do I have a favourite? Absolutely! To be fair it is not a corporate or business gift, and  it is a bit girly....but I can't go past this scarf.

It is divinely warm to wear,  never fails to attract compliments, and made is  by people who understand the strength of a great product story. And I quote from the swing tag

"Journey to the end of the earth, to the far south of New Zealand, historic Port Chalmers. There nestled in the old coastal village you will discover Seriously Twisted, artisan furriers, crafting beautiful pieces from the finest natural fibres and the luxurious fur of the marsupial opossum. This animal was introduced to protect us from the icy antarctic winds. It now threatens native flora and fauna with extinction. We invite you to join with us in fighting back. Warmly"

That says it all!

For more details on our favourite product



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What to buy in New Zealand

So  you are heading to New Zealand, and wondering what to buy in New Zealand? Or perhaps going overseas and needing NZ gifts, or wanting gifts for visitors to NZ? What are the mementos NZ offers that are unique to this country. There are key themes that are always popular, because they reflect what New Zealand is famed for. 

Premium New Zealand Souvenirs
Maori Arts and Craft Designs
The traditional swirls and patterns from traditional maori arts and early carvings are represented in the designs of many gifts, and are overwhelmingly popular for their asthetic appeal,  cultural heritage and symbolic meaning.
The 'Koru' or spiral represents new beginnings and growth (see our earlier blog for more on this one). Click here to see many more designs with Koru.
The triple twist is another stylish design, with an equally gorgeous symbolism, reflecting the entwining strands of friendship twisting together for ever. These designs are even more treasured if carved from genuine NZ greenstone (known are jade or pounamu in Maori, but beware of the vast amount of imported greenstone). Our pieces are genuine NZ stone carved here.
Maori Carved Canoe or Waka

Framed Koru Carving

Greenstone Pendant in Triple Twist design

NZ Glass Plates in a huge range of sizes and prices

Kiwi and other NZ Birds
From a slightly unusual brown furry bird, comes the affection name for New Zealanders - 'Kiwi',  plus the name of one of our most famous fruit crops. There are plenty of gifts to buy in New Zealand featuring this slightly eccentric looking flightless bird, and some of New Zealands other gorgeous birds.

Lightweight outdoor sculpture of a Fantail
Hand Made Flax Fibre Kiwi

Small Dipping Bowl with Tui

The coastline of New Zealand yields the unremarkable looking 'Paua' shellfish (pronounced "pawa") with a stunning interior. These shells are found only in New Zealand waters, and the stunning irridescent shell with swirling blue, green and purple hues are used to create wonderful momentoes NZ wide.
Memo clip holder
Frosted glass coasters with paua
Pure Silver & Paua disk earrings

 Scenic Beauty
The sheer diversity of New Zealand scenery as seen in the block buster 'Lord of the Rings' movies famed. From the drop-dead gorgeous South Island to the stunning golden beaches of the North Island, photographic scenery books prove that these things don't just happen at the movies. We have a large selection of smaller books with hardback covers.

Pocket Edition "New Zealand Landscapes'

All those sheep...and other furry animals

Merino and Possum Socks
Yes, we have a lot of those sheep, which makes for only fantastic lamb in our restaurants, and terrific knitwear.
Possum and Merino socks are fantastic to wear, being much warmer and softer than any other socks.

 One of our most consistently popular gifts are Mohair throw blankets. While not made from sheeps' wool (they are from mohair goat fibre) these are soft, luxurious and ultra light to carry.

Mohair Blankets

These are just a few ideas of what to buy in New Zealand, but please make sure you have genuine mementos (NZ made) as there are many imported replica goods available. Many replicas will say 'Designed in NZ" but look out for the words "Made in NZ" to ensure you have the genuine article.  

To  see more of our gifts that are genuinely made in New Zealand, please visit our website