Friday, January 28, 2011

New Zealand Wedding Gifts

The  New Zealand wedding season is about to get into top gear. (If you didn't think there was a 'wedding season', try asking people when their wedding anniversary is, and see just how many are in February).

While wedding gift lists can make life easy, they don't allow for much personal expression, or for a gift that is unique, different or easy to post. So here is a list of some of our top Wedding gifts:

New Zealand Wedding Gifts Mohair Throws
Mohair Throws are easily our number one Wedding gift. They are luxurious with designer chic, and will last a lifetime. Being light means we send many overseas for guests unable to attend. If you don't know the colour scheme of the newly-weds, we suggest the white is a great option, although red is our most popular colour overall.

For Blown Glass Koru, contact us directly
For a gift with a New Zealand flavour and symbolic significance, we adore these hand blown glass Koru. Absolutely beautiful on a windowsill, where the light can shine throw, and carrying the symbolic meaning of the unfurling frond, meaning growth and new beginnings. Contact us for more information, as these are not on our website.

Designer Wedding Gifts

 Design conscious recipients, and foodies will love these designer bowl and spiral wood platter sets. 

Gifts with a NZ flavour
Bowls and platters are always fantastic and useful gifts, and these bowls are large, significant arty pieces, with a tasteful New Zealand flavour. 

For the truly cool gift, seen in the best magazines and resorts world-wide, it is hard to go past a Coast outdoor beanbag. (Sold  flat without the beans, so you don't have to lug a full bean-bag about!). They are not cheap, but are superb quality and highly desirable.

Outdoor bean bag

More gift ideas are found in the Wedding Gift ideas  section of our website. As always we are just a phone call or email away to answer your questions...

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