Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Christchurch Earthquake - How can we help?

February 22nd 2011
The date that altered the lives of thousands of people, and destroyed a beautiful city.

At least in last  (September 2010) Christchurch earthquake there was not loss of life. But plenty of frayed nerves remained along with wrecked homes. Many businesses were wrecked too, or came close to the wall. One of our favourite suppliers (Florian, who make fantastic folding travel bags) were in a old building in the central part of town. With the building unsafe to enter, they had to virtually shut-up shop for months, and so for some of their employees, life became even tougher as they lost their jobs too.

But in the last month they have managed to resurrect their business in a new location, and have just recently starting taking orders for manufacture again. Only to be struck by another earthquake. They are lucky; their new premise is sound and this time round they have managed to escape damage to their building and injury to their staff.

So it seems their staff will have jobs this time round, but only so long as they have customers for their products. And this is another practical way can help: 
By choosing to support Christchurch made goods, we can assist so that on top of all their other upheaval, the people of Christchurch will not lose their jobs and businesses too. 

Yesterday we received a fantastic email from a corporate client who had ordered 50 of their bags from us, and knew Florian were based in Christchurch. Instead of cancelling the order in anticipation of a delayed delivery, they wanted to let us know they would wait  as long as it takes, so they can support Florian through this hardship in a practical way.

 We would like to encourage further sales of Florian bags, which will not only help Florian, but we will  also donate $50.00 to the  New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal  for each online purchase of one of their folding bags  (from now until 30 March 2011).

For product information, or to order on Folding Florian Travel bags, click here. They are perfect for those who don't have a weekend bag at all, through to frequent travellers who throw one into their suitcase to bring home the overflow luggage.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Koru, koru and yet more Koru

Ever wondered why the Koru is so commonly used on NZ gifts and Maori Art? We see a lot of Koru, and if you shop for gifts in NZ you probably do too, so thought it time to explain...

Greenstone pendant in Koru design

Stunning Art glass bowl

Handblown Glass Korus contact us for details
The Koru or spiral is one of the most widely used designs or shapes in New Zealand arts, crafts and design. From old Maori meeting houses through to corporate business logos, arts and crafts, and NZ gifts, the Koru is widely seen throughout New Zealand.

But how and why has the Koru become so prevalent in many NZ gifts, icons and logos?

It has long featured in Maori carvings and decorations, usually incorporated and repeated as part of the overall design. (For example the Kowhaiwhai design in the Business Card holder below incorporates four Koru).

Business Card Holder in Kowhaiwhai design

Early Maori  found inspiration for the Koru in nature; it is a Maori artistic interpretation of the growing fern fronds (for example the now famous Silver Fern). Each fern frond emerges from the heart of the fern plant in a tightly coiled form, uncurling as it matures. 

Uncurling Fern Frond - Acrylic Photo Block

This is a clue to the meaning of the Koru design. From this beautiful growing fern is easy to see how the Koru symbolises growth and new beginnings.  This theme of 'Growth' makes it a appropriate sentiment for many occasions, from gifts for a new business relationship through to a gift marking some personal growth.

Koru Fern Fron glass coasters

 So not only does the Koru happen to have a modern stylish shape, its special meaning makes the Koru an appropriate icon for both uniquely NZ gifts, (for personal and businesses gifting) and even for organisational use. (Take another look at our logo.)

It is no wonder that so many NZ gifts feature this meaningful little spiral.

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Designer colours of Mohair Throws (Mohair Blankets)

 Divine new colours of mohair throws ( or mohair blankets) designer collection have been added to the range, so there is something to suit every colour scheme.

Mohair deserves its reputation for being one of the most luxurious fibres available. These mohair blankets are incredibly silky to touch, and beautifully warm, yet light to snuggle under. No wonder they are one of our more popular gifts, and often given as wedding gifts, as a thank you, or just a wonderful generous gift.

 We gift-wrap beautifully and ship these worldwide. When you order any of our NZ gifts online, and send it to a  delivery to an address outside of NZ, you will also save the 15% GST tax. (The tax is included in our online pricing, but is removed from the price as soon as you process your order, and enter a delivery address outside New Zealand).

The stunning collection is below, (listed in the order as shown on the wheel).

We know choosing a colour online to match up with your interior design can be tricky, so feel free to email us with the names of the mohair throws you are interested in, and we will happily send out thread samples. 

Bottle, Sea Spray, Lake, Indigo, Navy, Provence, Sky Blue, Lilac

Mango, Manuka, Paper, Cream, Dove, Silver, Glacier, Avocado, Mustard, Pesto

Scarlet, Watermelon, Hot Pink, Candy Floss, Tea Rose, Hibiscus, Mango

Grape, Mulberry, Raven, Storm, Chocolate, Copper, Pumpkin, Tamarind, Russet

Fringed Mohair Blankets
Pesto, Apple, Lime, Fern, Olive, Moss, Bottle, Sea Spray, Lake

Glacier, Sea Spray, Silver, Dove, Cream
To order, or for more information, click here

Monday, February 7, 2011