Friday, April 15, 2011

RWC Gifts....made where?

There is no forgetting that the big sporting event this year in New Zealand is the Rugby World Cup. 

And for all events, most participants and spectators like to go home with a little something to remember the event by. So while this could have been a fantastic opportunity for the NZ gift manufacturing industry, for many it seems the licensing fees are simply too expensive. Many of the RWC gifts starting to appear on sale here are sadly not made in New Zealand.
Rimu RWC gifts inlaid with Paua

Rimu RWC Coasters

RWC Gifts NZ Cheese Boards

So we were delighted to find some gorgeous NZ made RWC gifts. This range is stunning, with the RWC ball logo cleverly inlaid in paua, to create a fantastic effect. Beautiful Rimu coasters, cheese boards and pate boards for starters, and more products to come.

If you are looking for corporate RWC gifts, these are a great choice, simply because your average cheese board or chopping board is retained in the home or in the office kitchen for such a long time.

We also like the idea of giving Licensed All Blacks gifts (New Zealand made of course), as they will not date quite so quickly, so perfect for items such as these great cufflinks.
Licensed All Blacks Cufflinks (NZ made)

Contact us to find out more about some of the other NZ made  All Blacks and RWC gifts available. 

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