Thursday, April 28, 2011

So what did John Key give the Queen?

There are some people for whom choosing a gift is more difficult than for others. Queen Elizabeth II, one of the worlds richest women, would be at the top of the list. I can't imagine her Christmas or Birthday list would be filled with things she would like if only she had a little more cash!

Honey fit for a Queen
And the gift choice is even trickier when you present it as the leader of a country. So what NZ gifts did John Key give to the Queen when in London for the royal wedding of the year? You might be surprised at his choice, but in some ways it is exactly the same type of gift you would give any Grandmother who wants for nothing. She received fine Manuka Honey and Twinings Tea blended in New Zealand! A wonderful little taste of New Zealand, and we hope she enjoys it.

John Key also popped over to visit the French PM. And we are sure Nicolas Sarkozy, who is said to be 'rugby mad', would have appreciated his gift of a pair of NZ Rugby Cuff links.
NZ Rugby Shirt Cuff links

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