Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What to buy in New Zealand

So  you are heading to New Zealand, and wondering what to buy in New Zealand? Or perhaps going overseas and needing NZ gifts, or wanting gifts for visitors to NZ? What are the mementos NZ offers that are unique to this country. There are key themes that are always popular, because they reflect what New Zealand is famed for. 

Premium New Zealand Souvenirs
Maori Arts and Craft Designs
The traditional swirls and patterns from traditional maori arts and early carvings are represented in the designs of many gifts, and are overwhelmingly popular for their asthetic appeal,  cultural heritage and symbolic meaning.
The 'Koru' or spiral represents new beginnings and growth (see our earlier blog for more on this one). Click here to see many more designs with Koru.
The triple twist is another stylish design, with an equally gorgeous symbolism, reflecting the entwining strands of friendship twisting together for ever. These designs are even more treasured if carved from genuine NZ greenstone (known are jade or pounamu in Maori, but beware of the vast amount of imported greenstone). Our pieces are genuine NZ stone carved here.
Maori Carved Canoe or Waka

Framed Koru Carving

Greenstone Pendant in Triple Twist design

NZ Glass Plates in a huge range of sizes and prices

Kiwi and other NZ Birds
From a slightly unusual brown furry bird, comes the affection name for New Zealanders - 'Kiwi',  plus the name of one of our most famous fruit crops. There are plenty of gifts to buy in New Zealand featuring this slightly eccentric looking flightless bird, and some of New Zealands other gorgeous birds.

Lightweight outdoor sculpture of a Fantail
Hand Made Flax Fibre Kiwi

Small Dipping Bowl with Tui

The coastline of New Zealand yields the unremarkable looking 'Paua' shellfish (pronounced "pawa") with a stunning interior. These shells are found only in New Zealand waters, and the stunning irridescent shell with swirling blue, green and purple hues are used to create wonderful momentoes NZ wide.
Memo clip holder
Frosted glass coasters with paua
Pure Silver & Paua disk earrings

 Scenic Beauty
The sheer diversity of New Zealand scenery as seen in the block buster 'Lord of the Rings' movies famed. From the drop-dead gorgeous South Island to the stunning golden beaches of the North Island, photographic scenery books prove that these things don't just happen at the movies. We have a large selection of smaller books with hardback covers.

Pocket Edition "New Zealand Landscapes'

All those sheep...and other furry animals

Merino and Possum Socks
Yes, we have a lot of those sheep, which makes for only fantastic lamb in our restaurants, and terrific knitwear.
Possum and Merino socks are fantastic to wear, being much warmer and softer than any other socks.

 One of our most consistently popular gifts are Mohair throw blankets. While not made from sheeps' wool (they are from mohair goat fibre) these are soft, luxurious and ultra light to carry.

Mohair Blankets

These are just a few ideas of what to buy in New Zealand, but please make sure you have genuine mementos (NZ made) as there are many imported replica goods available. Many replicas will say 'Designed in NZ" but look out for the words "Made in NZ" to ensure you have the genuine article.  

To  see more of our gifts that are genuinely made in New Zealand, please visit our website www.newzealandshowcase.com.


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