Friday, June 10, 2011

The product I am most in love with...

We see a fair few gorgeous NZ made products passing in front of our noses. But do I have a favourite? Absolutely! To be fair it is not a corporate or business gift, and  it is a bit girly....but I can't go past this scarf.

It is divinely warm to wear,  never fails to attract compliments, and made is  by people who understand the strength of a great product story. And I quote from the swing tag

"Journey to the end of the earth, to the far south of New Zealand, historic Port Chalmers. There nestled in the old coastal village you will discover Seriously Twisted, artisan furriers, crafting beautiful pieces from the finest natural fibres and the luxurious fur of the marsupial opossum. This animal was introduced to protect us from the icy antarctic winds. It now threatens native flora and fauna with extinction. We invite you to join with us in fighting back. Warmly"

That says it all!

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