Friday, July 15, 2011

Appropriate New Zealand gifts for business trips to India

So you are ready to embark on a business trip to India, and wish to take some New Zealand Gifts. You need to stop for a moment to consider business gift giving and the appropriate protocol. As with many countries, in India it is easy to unwittingly offend with your choice of corporate gifts or New Zealand souvenirs, so here are our best tips and suggestions.

Wrapping is significant as certain colours could cause offence

Is a gift necessary?
Gifts are not normally expected at a first meeting, but as the relationship develops it is definitely a good idea. Your gift will be appreciated as a sign of friendship. However as your business contact is likely to reciprocate, make sure your gifts are tasteful but not overly expensive, which could cause some embarrassment. 
If you are invited to someone's home you should definitely take a small gift such as sweets, and you will be popular if you take some specifically for any children.

What gifts are appropriate? 
Glass and Paua Coasters

Glass decorative ferns

Small hardback pictorial books
Choose gifts that a relatively modest. Make sure that your New Zealand gifts are actually made locally (as much of what appears to be 'Kiwiana' is not made in New Zealand). Gifts which convey New Zealands cultural identity and uniqueness will be appreciated, as will gifts made of NZ natural products.

What gifts should be avoided?
Do not give any leather, which can cause offence. Many Indians do not drink, so do not give alcohol unless you are sure that your recipient does enjoy alcohol. Muslims would not appreciate a gift depicting people naked or semi-naked, or depicting  a dog, so any gifts featuring these should be avoided. Jewellery is considered a more personal gift, so it is not appropriate for a man to give to a woman, in the business context.
It is also important that gifts are wrapped in suitable colours, which we can assist with.

Gift giving protocol is different, and you may find the recipient does not open the gift in your presence. 

A little effort selecting prior to your trip can help build relationships and build business. We are happy to advise of suitable gifts, wrap them appropriately and pack them for your travels. (Contact us for more information on Business Gifts for India Corporate Gifts).

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