Thursday, September 22, 2011

We have "popped up"

Art Glass Platter, wall tiles and a bronze creepy crawly

Our all time favourite possum and merino wool scarf

We have popped up! Yes we have temporarily  joined the real world of bricks and motar retail. If you are not familiar with the term 'pop-up' shop, it is one of the latest retail trends, where a vacant retail space temporarily becomes a shop. So here we are "popped-up" in a great space in down town Auckland.

Gorgeous platters, and designer Kiwiana tea towels
With a speedy paint job of the walls, and a fast and furious set up, it is a wonderful opportunity to view our beautiful NZ made products in the gallery-like setting they deserve.
Gourmet NZ made products

With the main fan base of the Rugby World Cup just a hop, skip and jump from our door, we are enjoying the buskers, and being a part of all the energy this world class event brings to Auckland. And of course the visitors from around the world are enjoying our terrific New Zealand souvenirs.
Set of three dipping bowls

So if you are in Auckland, you will find us between the Britomart train station and the Cloud Fan Base, but not for long. After that, like any great event , we will just be left with our memories, and the photos. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

C'mon Kiwi - Buying NZ made Products

You may have noticed the cute Kiwi used as an emblem by the 'Buy New Zealand Made' organisation.

It is used to identify the origin of the product as NZ, and encourages customers to buy NZ made products. Have you ever wondered about the history of using  this fluffy flightless bird as a emblem to represent New Zealand? Here are some fabulous Kiwi facts, taken from a brochure published by the 'Buy NZ Made' organisation.

  • The Kiwi as an emblem was used in military badges back in 1886
  • Kiwi Shoe Polish was launched in 1906 in Melbourne (yes in Australia) by man with a NZ wife
  • During WW1 New Zealanders carved a giant Kiwi into the hill in England
  • The word Kiwi can refer to our currency, to a furry brown bird, a furry brown fruit, and to New Zealanders
  • The nostrils of a Kiwi (bird) are at the far end of it's beak 

The Buy New Zealand Made campaign has been using the Kiwi as an emblem since 1988, and it has come to represent quality NZ made products. Look out for it when you shop.