Thursday, November 10, 2011

Doing Santa's work

Unless you are aged under 10, no-one really wants to know how many sleeps there are until Christmas. All us adults want to know is come Christmas morning, is that we haven't forgotten anyone, and the gifts have been received.

New Zealand Post wants to make sure your gifts arrive in plenty of time and has published the following lists of dates:

                                                                           FOR CHRISTMAS 2011
                                                    Australia          South Pacific, East Asia      Rest of World
                                                                                North America, UK

International Economy           Fri 2 Dec                 Fri 25 Nov                          Mon 21 Nov
Air International                      Fri 9 Dec                Fri 2 Dec                             Mon 28 Nov
Economy Courier                   Wed 14 Dec            Fri 9 Dec                             N/A
Express Courier                      Fri 16 Dec               Wed 14 Dec                       Mon 12 Dec

We use Air International. And remember when purchasing our NZ gifts online anything we send overseas for you will be exempt of GST, so you get to save the GST.

Santa will be pleased!

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