Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Folding Travel Bag

A folding travel bag has to be one of the most useful travel accessories for a travelling shopaholic.

This oilskin and leather bag is one of our most popular NZ made products. It starts off  deceptively small bag, and unfolds into a weekender size bag, perfect for overflow luggage. It is rugged enough to be used as a piece of luggage. Made from oilskin with leather trim, it has a masculine appeal, (although we sell many to women too).

Folding Travel Bag
The 'Travel Gadget' column of the NZ Herald had this to say about it : "It's the traveller's curse to be constantly falling over exciting purchases that you know will never fit into the already bulging suitcase. However, help is at hand"..."the bag folds up into a compact handbag size which is easily carried or packed. When opened its dimensions are a whopping 53x29x23cms...The oilskin gives it a tough, outdoorsy look"

For the complete gift set, consider teaming it up with a matching mens toiletry bag.

Oilskin & Leather Toiletry Bag

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