Friday, November 30, 2012

New Zealand mohair snuggle Knee rugs

We like to call them 'snuggle rugs' because that says it all, but their official name is a ' mohair knee rug'
Luxurious Snuggle knee Rugs

 Perfectly sized to snuggle under, these smaller mohair knee rugs (100cm x 130cm) are luxuriously soft and downy,  and without the "itch" factor that wool can create for some people. Give one of these away, and it will instantly become a favourite, and they will think of you every time they snuggle under it.

 Made in NZ, this mohair is premium quality. The colour range is huge (40 colours), from gentle pastels to vibrant hues. Its is luxury at an affordable price.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Glass Art PiuPiu (Maori Glass Skirts)

Maori Glass Skirts
When I saw a friend's one of these stunning Maori glass art skirts I wanted to track them down. It made such a impact on the wall, yet is clearly a nod to NZ Maori's grass skirts.

So here they are; Beautiful NZ glass art skirts, created from kiln fired glass, and strung on woven flax.

Simply mount by pushing the knots over a little nail, and there it is for all to admire. Contemporary and simply stunning.

Perfect.....  as  a modern business or corporate gifts, to thank speakers, for visitors to NZ, as an egagement or house-warming.....or just treat yourself.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Branded Books

'The things I want to know are in books; my best friend
 is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read.'
                                                 Abraham Lincoln

Every year around this time of year, the head-scratching begins as to what might be a suitable gift for corporate clients and staff. A gift that is a quality product, that can be branded subtly, and that the recipient will keep for years....and that fits your budget perfectly.

The answer lies in a quality book, subtly branded, with your logo or message.

'Branded Books' was created especially to help companies create memorable gifts of books. For around the cost of a bottle of wine, a personalised book will carry your logo or message for years. And even if you choose not to brand the book, we can help with suggestions of suitable books, and superb gift wrapping all at great prices.

Branded Books is a part of New Zealand Showcase, but we have set up a website to better explain this service. Take a look at our new website, and browse the bookshelves. (Individual copies of most of  the books can also be purchased at New Zealand Showcase).

Remember we are just a phone-call or email away if you have any queries.

branded books

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Off the Cuff

From Sterling Silver to cheeky and fun, our New Zealand cufflinks are always great gifts.

As a replacement for the ribbon or lace that men once used to keep their sleeves closed, cufflinks are now practical and decorative. From very special silver cufflinks, and sterling silver fern cufflinks, through to the ever popular North and South cufflinks (which make superb NZ souvenirs) and the more light hearted designs, we think there is something for everyone in our collection of New Zealand cufflinks. (NZ made of course!)
Pebbles Cufflinks

NZ Shell cufflinks

Moko Men Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Fern Cufflinks

Paua and Sterling Silver Cufflinks

North & South Cufflinks

Friday, September 28, 2012

Country Courses of New Zealand

Country Courses of New Zealand

One of our latest golf gifts, NZ book 'Country Courses of New Zealand' is a treat. New Zealand may be know for its high profile famous courses like Cape Kidnappers, and Milbrook, but this book gets you off the beaten fairway to some of the little known treasures.
Country Courses of New Zealand

From Waitangi in the north to the picturesque course on Stewart Isand, with its few dozen members, each of these courses is a back-country treat. You might be sharing the course with perhaps a couple of others, having put your green fee in the honesty box.

This book will not only appeal to die-hard golfers, but to the general reader who will learn much about the characters and history that helped create these country courses and make them what they are.

Country courses of NZ is a large, and beautiful quality  hard-back book, and at $60.00 is great value.

Corporate clients should contact us for quantity discounts and to discuss branding options.

An honesty box for Green Fees
The only course in NZ with a cable car
Waitara, graced by Mt Egmont

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand

Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand

A box of new 2012 books arrived on my desk this morning, and for me this is the pick of them.

Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand
Carol Bucknell and Sally Tagg have travelled the length of New Zealand in search of the finest contemporary gardens they could find. They succeeded. This is a stunningly photographed book, and will become a treasure, even to those who are not gardeners.

Right from the front cover, each garden has been captured in its dramatic modernist best. And as you would expect with these mostly big budget gardens, the houses they surround are not too shabby either. Many of the gardens also feature dramatic garden sculptures.

Each  featured garden contains a discussion with the designer.

Contemporary Gardens of New Zealand is a handsome book, beautifully styled, and should become one of our  leading gifts this Christmas.

It retails at $65.00, and as always we offer free gift wrapping. Purchasers of corporate gifts can contact us for  quantity discount pricing, and to discuss branding options.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Selling the Dream

Selling the Dream

Selling the Dream
Subtitled 'The Art of Early Tourism', this is a magnificent book that showcases the pre-1960's posters used to promote New Zealand. The imagery (see below) is both quaint and an outstanding display of early New Zealand graphic art.

You will be taken on a sentimental and fascinating journey through New Zealand, (sometimes called "Maoriland" at the time). Selling the Dream is a collaboration between Peter Allsop (collector of Art & Kiwiana), Dave Bamford (tourism consultant) and Gary Stewart (designer) with a stunning result.

It is a beautiful quality large hard-back book, with over  400 pages and 1000 images. Selling the Dream retails at $79.99.

As always, our gifts are beautifully wrapped, and we offer our corporate clients quantity discounts, and branding options. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Feast your eyes on our fabulous new Gift Boxes

Christmas might be a little way off yet, but for our larger clients, now is the time they  need to start thinking about their corporate Christmas gifts.  We have been busy creating gorgeous new gift boxes and hampers, as they are such a wonderful way to show appreciation. As we are passionate about New Zealand made, these are uniquely New Zealand Christmas hampers and gourmet NZ gifts, filled with some of the finest NZ made goodies we can find. There is something for everyone, and many more to come.

Feast your eyes...

Cheese Gifts Boxes for Lovers of Cheese

 New Zealand Christmas Hampers

Gift Boxes

Christmas Goodies with a Hand made platter

For the Party Girl - Gift Boxes  with Margarita Mix

BBQ Gifts

Monday, August 20, 2012

Another great Hobbit New Zealand Yarn

There's nothing like a good yarn ...and the Hobbit New Zealand one is a great story.

Everyone knows about the masterful Peter Jackson and the terrific Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies made here in NZ, but that is not the story we are intersted in.

Hobbit New Zealand scarf
My favourite yarn (excuse the pun) is about the small-holding farmers who were have trouble making a dollar or two off their land, until they found some funny blue-grey sheep, and made a few bits and pieces from the wool. Those woolen items were spied by the right people....and before they could say "Peter Jackson" they found themselves supplying the big time movie industry. Talk about a 100% home grown Middle Earth Success story.

Of course in real life, things don't happen quite that easily, and there is quite a lot of hard work along the way, but the end result is the magical Lord of the Rings clothing seen in the films. There is now a larger herd of those blue-grey sheep, which are carefully shorn and the wool is hand-sorted then spun. It is woven on antique machinery and the end result is Lord of the Rings clothing exactly as described in the books. Magical!

We are delighted to offer these genuine merchandise Hobbit New Zealand scarves.And non hobbit-lovers will simply appreciate the beautiful feel and interesting weave of these premium quality scarves.
Genuine Lord of the Rings clothing
Lovely boxed Lord of the Rings gift