Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buy Christchurch Made

One year on from that devastaing earthquake, and there is still so much hardship.

Many businesses received 'Business Interruption Cover' from their insurers, but this normally lasts only one year. So that will be ending now, meaning that year two could be much tougher.

We can help in practical way by supporting our Christchurch manufacturers.

We encourage everyone to help out by  promoting and purchasing Christchurch made goods.

Here is a selection of our Christchurch made gifts:

Pewter Kina Trinket Box

Pewter Wine Stopper

Hand blown glass Koru - Email us for details

Rimu Koru Clock

Oilskin Toiletry Bag

Oilskin & Leather Folding Travel Bag

Manuka Honey

Native Honey Gift Pack

Wooden Fly fishing landing net

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Knives are out

The Knives are out....of the box and onto the website!

The diversity of products made in New Zealand can be a little suprising....did you know we had a fantastic Pewter manufacturer tucked away in the South Island.

And new on the site from them, are these fantastic knives, which make superb slim light gifts, that are easy to carry or post.

 Pewter & Stainless Pate Knife in Pewter Design
A lovely little butter knife or pate knife, is a great little 'hostess' gift. Last  year one of our corporate clients teamed it up with a large end grain board to make a great antipasto set.

For our business and Corporate customers the Paper Knife in a green suede-like pouch is a practical gift. (But please not for Asian recipients, where you will be inadvertently indicating you wish to 'sever the relationship').
Pewter & Stainless Paper Knife

Modern pewter which these are made from,  does not include lead as a component, so is safe to handle. The knives have imported  'Sheffield' stainless steel blades. Both feature a lovely scroll Koru design. We are delighted to add these to our selection of NZ gifts online.