Monday, April 30, 2012

NZ Flora & Fauna Art Blocks

Sometimes it takes someone looking in from the outside to see the beauty in front of us.

From the Flora Series
When botanical artist Angie Dennis came to New Zealand from the UK, she was taken with the countryside and the sunshine. And in her sun-bathed home in Mt Eden, Auckland, she has perhaps created the most perfect job, lovingly painting the flora and fauna of her adopted homeland.

Art Blocks

New Zealand Gifts
Her works vary from an almost lifelike rendition of much loved New Zealand flora, through to almost whimsical renditions of New Zealand fauna. Many of her art pieces are large, detailed and priced accordingly. So we are delighted to offer the Angie Dennis series of art blocks which allow us all to enjoy the magic of her art. These are high quality reproductions, beautifully boxed to make  lovely New Zealand gifts. and priced at only $46.00 each. They are terrific on their own, or as a set. 

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