Monday, August 20, 2012

Another great Hobbit New Zealand Yarn

There's nothing like a good yarn ...and the Hobbit New Zealand one is a great story.

Everyone knows about the masterful Peter Jackson and the terrific Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies made here in NZ, but that is not the story we are intersted in.

Hobbit New Zealand scarf
My favourite yarn (excuse the pun) is about the small-holding farmers who were have trouble making a dollar or two off their land, until they found some funny blue-grey sheep, and made a few bits and pieces from the wool. Those woolen items were spied by the right people....and before they could say "Peter Jackson" they found themselves supplying the big time movie industry. Talk about a 100% home grown Middle Earth Success story.

Of course in real life, things don't happen quite that easily, and there is quite a lot of hard work along the way, but the end result is the magical Lord of the Rings clothing seen in the films. There is now a larger herd of those blue-grey sheep, which are carefully shorn and the wool is hand-sorted then spun. It is woven on antique machinery and the end result is Lord of the Rings clothing exactly as described in the books. Magical!

We are delighted to offer these genuine merchandise Hobbit New Zealand scarves.And non hobbit-lovers will simply appreciate the beautiful feel and interesting weave of these premium quality scarves.
Genuine Lord of the Rings clothing
Lovely boxed Lord of the Rings gift

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