Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cast Glass - NZ pieces

We are proud to offer these new cast glass art pieces. Unlike blown-glass art objects, a cast glass piece is a superb, weighty piece of solid crystal glass.
Maori Glass Art Paddle

Cast glass is manufactured by a process that is technically complex to perfect. Solid crystal glass is heated to extremely hot temperatures so it becomes a liquid, and flows into a negative mould. The tricky part is cooling (or annealing) the glass in baby steps over a lengthy period of time so the outer edges of the piece never gets much cooler than the inside, as this would cause the piece to crack.

The resulting glass art is magnificent and very special. These three Maori glass pieces are a notable addition to our selection of glass art NZ gifts. Each comes nestled safely in a custom made wooden box.

Paddle detail
Paddle handle

Maori Waka Prow
Maori Waka

Maori Waka tail section

Cast glass Maori Kete

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