Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The New Zealand Turkish Delight

Now we reckon this would have to be world first. Feijoa Turkish Delight hand made in Wellington. What a treat for sweet lovers worldwide!

Loukoumi of Wellington are true  foodie artisans, whipping up hand crafted Turkish Delight in the traditional way, and wouldn't dream of using preservatives or gelatine. The results are divine, sweet sweet morsels delicately flavoured using only natural flavours.
 NZ Turkish Delight

New Zealanders get a little nostalgic about Feijoa. Its amazing how that distinctively flavoured green gem, available only a few weeks of the year,  seems to take us back in time to the days when everybody had a tree in their backyard.

When you see the stunning packaging, I think you will agree that the  humble Feijoa has had a style make-over to match up with the soft meltingly delicious Turkish Delight inside. This is a truly winning combination and a very NZ Turkish Delight!