Thursday, December 5, 2013

The very best lightweight gifts to post faraway for Christmas 2013

Early December is the time to send  your 2013 Christmas gifts on their way to faraway places.

Here's a list of some  our best  NZ made gifts in-store, plus some old favourites, that are all lightweight, so you spend your money on the gift, not the postage. As always, we will wrap beautifully, hand-write in the card, and send them on their way.....and we knock the GST off if we post them overseas.

1. The Metal Bird Tree Art  Collection $69.00 are fantastic metal sculptures that bring native NZ birds to a tree near you, where-ever you live in the world.Available in Tui, Fantail and Woodpigeon

Fantail Tree Sculpture $69.00

2. A lovely set of Pewter Wine Charms, featuring a little slice of New Zealand. $25.00 for a set of 6.
Pewter NZ Wine Charms $25.00

3. Very Kiwi Christmas Tree Decorations, featuring a Paua Angel, a Pohutukawa Angel, and a Kowhai Angel $59.80
Kiwi Christmas Tree Decorations $59.80

4. Sterling Silver Earrings including the lovely Koru Etch, Puriri, and Kowhai all $75.00 per pair
Koru Etch Silver Earrings $75.00
Puriri Silver Earrings $75.00

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